Paul Brodeur, Founder of PDA CONSULTANTS INC., began his professional career as an engineer in the province of Quebec in 1992. He developed expertise in the areas of monitoring and inspection of deep foundations on piles and caissons using the most sophisticated methods in the international market, including dynamic load testing (PDA), Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL) and Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP).

Whether by performing, analyzing or supervising testing conducted by the team of PDA CONSULTANTS INC. engineers, Mr. Brodeur has been involved in more than 2,800 projects in eastern Canada, the north-eastern United States and Nunavut over the past 27 years.

He has been a member of Professional Engineers Ontario since 2001.

Professional engineer

President and Chief executive officer


During the year 2016, Sylvain Cloutier became a business partner in PDA CONSULTANTS INC. In his work as an engineer in the province of Quebec,starting in 2007, he focused mainly on inspection of deep foundations. During this time, Mr. Cloutier performed more than 3,000 tests on deep foundations, spread over than 500 projects across Canada and internationally. He has also been involved in several Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL), most notably for the new Champlain Bridge and the Turcot Interchange reconstruction project.

Also, Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) tests are part of Mr Cloutier expertise. Mr. Cloutier has been a member of Professional Engineers Ontario since 2015 and member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Manitoba since 2018.

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As a business partner in PDA CONSULTANTS INC. since 2016, Sébastien Leduc’s career as an engineer in the province of Quebec since 2011, has been focused on inspection, particularly of deep foundations. Mr. Leduc has performed more than 2,000 dynamic load tests throughout Quebec, Ontario and eastern Canada, in more than 320 projects. These include civil engineering structures, hydroelectric infrastructure, and commercial, institutional and residential projects. In addition, Mr. Leduc has performed several Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL) tests for projects such as the new Champlain Bridge and the Turcot Interchange.

He is also involved in marketing ASTM standardized Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) in Quebec.

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