Expertise and Professionalism

PDA CONSULTANTS INC. is the largest consulting engineering firm for quality control of deep foundations in eastern Canada. Our expertise and professionalism make PDA Consultants the reference in the field.


Dynamic analysis of pile driving

Drawing on many years of experience, PDA Consultants conducts dynamic analysis of pile driving, commonly known as dynamic load testing (PDA testing), a quick way to assess the mobilized static bearing capacity, the stresses in steel and the integrity of a pile by means of a dynamic strain (impact).

Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL) or Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP)

PDA Consultants has worked on more than 1,300 projects, conducting sonic auscultation testing, or Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL), used to verify the quality and uniformity of concrete installation inside the reinforcement cage of a caisson or intersecting walls

Supervision, training and consultation

PDA Consultants offers a service of supervision of pile driving and static load testing as well as supervision and control of the installation of tension rods. In addition, we offer specific training and consultation in the field of quality control of deep foundations.


Our projects

PDA CONSULTANTS INC. has completed more than 1,300 projects since 2009. These include works of art (bridges, port docks, retaining walls), hydroelectric infrastructure (substations, powerlines, wind farms), commercial (malls, warehouses, hotels), institutional (schools, hospitals) and residential projects.


Who we are


PDA CONSULTANTS INC., is the largest consulting engineering firm for quality control of deep foundations in eastern Canada. It specializes in dynamic analysis of pile driving (PDA)Cross-hole Sonic Integrity Logging (CSL) and Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) for quality control of deep foundations on piles and caissons.


Contact Us

PDA CONSULTANTS INC. relies on the expertise and professionalism of its engineers to provide the recommendations necessary for optimizing and improving performance as well as minimizing the costs of deep foundations on piles and caissons. Contact us for your projects and we will be happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions.